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Fun Islamic Activities We Can Do With Our Children

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Fun Islamic Activities We Can Do With Our Children

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When it comes to learning about Islam, it’s important that you make it fun, interactive and informative. As Muslim parents, its our duty to teach our children about Islam. But, how can we do this? It’s simple, by engaging in fun Islam activities that both you and your children will enjoy. We compiled a short list of some fun Islam activities you can do with your child. Read the list below to find out what they are.

Fun group activities

Here the options are endless!

There are many options for playing fun lslamic games together as a family. The main thing is that you can have fun while learning about Islam.

Games can involve encouraging each other to quote sections from the Quran, or learn the meanings of the 5 daily prayers.

The ‘5 Pillars board Game’ or ‘The Quran Junior Challenge Game’ are good examples.

Your family can camp out in the yard and have a tahajud to fajr evening (best held when the weather is clear!) You can all wake up and say a few late night prayers (rakas of tahajud). The night light and sounds will add an extra dimension to the experience. After the rakas, you can do something fun as a family such as enjoying a hot chocolate under the stars together. In the morning as the sun rises you can repeat the process for fajr!

Go out as a family for a meal together. Make it a celebration where you can enjoy being together as a family.

Organised Muslim Family Days

Here the whole family can enjoy varied activities such as Quran competitions, halal food stalls, ethnic bazaars and family entertainment. Your local masjid should be able to tell you what may be coming up in your area.

You can even organise your own family days with other Muslim families.

Spend personal one on time with each child

Dedicate this time completely to them as an individual. It can involve doing fun things together such as going out for a treat, or just having an informal chat. Listen carefully to anything they may want to discuss with you. You can utilise time to do this when you are travelling together in the car or preparing food together. This doesn’t need to be an intense confrontational time but a time when you are showing them that you value and love them. Try to let them know that they have your undivided attention and love.

Involve your family in doing charity work together

You will find that doing charity work as a family can be very rewarding. It can be as simple as home baking with your children that you can then give to food charities. Your local mosque may have Islamic charities that they are supporting that you could get involved with as a family. This can also be a great way for your family to work alongside other like-minded Muslim folk.

Pray and read the Quran together

Even when your children are too young to take part, there is value in praying and reading the Quran in front of your child. As they grow they will enjoy being able to take part with you.


You have the chance to lead your family, to nurture and grow your children’s lives.

You have been blessed by Allah with your children as a most precious gift. Encourage them in their Islamic faith so that that they can give glory back to him.

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