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Tahera Akther

Tahera is a mother of four children and is the founder and Headteacher of Olive Tree Study. She attained her Ijazah in tajweed from Syria in the year 2008. She has over a decade worth of experience in teaching Quran to children and adults. Tahera is also the song writer and the producer of ‘The Quran Songs’ album which has been sold over 20 countries. She is amongst the very few Muslim women entrepreneurs who has managed to grow rapidly both personally and in business in a very short amount of time.

Abdul Alim

Director/Head of T&L/ Child Safeguarding officer

Abdul Alim is a director at Olive Tree Study. Overall he is in charge of the teaching and learning, as well as child safeguarding. He has nearly two decade worth of experience in the education sector. He has been in the teaching profession for over 18 years. Currently, he is the Head of Science at Sir John Cass Secondary school. Over the years he has been successfully leading and managing people of different calibre. He is one of the few managers that are actually loved by the teams he leads and manages.

Harun Rashid

(Director of Business and Marketing )

Harun Rashid is the finance and marketing director at Olive Tree Study. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has over a decade worth of experience in Business. He has directly helped and supported many businesses to launch and grow their companies.

All our branches have a designated Teaching and Learning manager, Branch manager and teaching staff members. Our professional administration team are always available to listen to your feedback and respond to your queries relating to the enrolments, finance or and other concerns.

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