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No announcement available or all announcement expired.

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Parents Update
Please Watch The Video Below And Read The FAQ Section

Is our subscription going to change from September?

No, your subscription will remain exactly as it is.
Is the online learning portal going to be free?
Yes it will be free for all our existing parents for one full term.
Do I have to use the online learning tool?
No, however we would encourage it as the teaching and learning during the weekend will be inclusive of the new online tool.
When will I have access to the learning tool?
To begin with, we will be selecting random parents to trial the new learning tool, eventually all children will have access to the tool by Mid-term.
What if there are technical issues with the App?
As with all App development and technology, technical issues are inevitable. However, our App has already been through many phases of testing and it will continue to go through more testing until September. We are optimistic that the technical issues will be kept to a minimum. We have developers working around the clock that will be swiftly resolving any issues.
Why are you encouraging the children to log on to devices?
We are encouraging children to learn independently. We believe spending 5 – 10 minutes everyday on the online learning portal is acceptable and reasonable.
Is the online learning safe and secure? 
Yes, you can rest assured that our learning tool is 100% safe and secure.
In January 2019, would there be an option to remain at the school on my existing subscription without the online learning portal service? 
Yes, all existing parents will be given a choice to remain on their current fee bands without the online learning portal support.
How long will the price freeze be for? 
The price freeze would be from Sept-Dec 2018. The price freeze will be uplifted in January for all the parents who wish to continue with the online learning portal.
So when my child joins the online portal in January 2019, how much would my monthly subscription cost?
We will still honour our word for the loyal discount by offering our existing parents the £60 monthly subscription. That will be a total saving of £120 per child. Standard sibling discount will still apply.
I didn’t respond to the opt in option for the link that was sent out, does that mean that I haven’t reserved a seat for my child in September?
Your child will still be enrolled in September. You do not have to take  any further action.
I have already completed the opt in page for the new price plan, what will happen next? 
Your subscription will remain the same as it is right now due to the price freeze. Please be reassured that your payment plan will not change without us communicating with you in advance.
I have already opted out for the link that was sent out, but I have changed my mind. What do I need to do?
Please send us an email to stating that you wish your child to remain. We will respond to you and inform you if your child’s space is still available.
I wish to still withdraw my child, what do I need to do?
Please follow our four weeks withdrawal notice procedure by sending us a written confirmation to our finance team on
We will respond and process the withdrawal.
Thank you
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