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Dear Parents/Carers, please find the December edition of our Newsletter here. Click Here to view OR Download.

Tajweed Nasheed : Learn the rules through singing!

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Tajweed Nasheed : Learn the rules through singing!

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Nasheed Nursery Rhymes

When it comes to learning the rules of the Tajweed, it should be fun , interactive and informative.  This is why we sat down with Educator and founder of  Olive Tree Study, Tahera Akhter and asked her a few questions about a new product she produced that helps children of all ages learn the important rules of the Tajweed in a fun and interesting way.  Read the questions and answers below to find out more.

Why is it important for children to learn the Tajweed rules?

It really important for children to learn the tajweed rules for a few reasons. Firstly,we know the emphasis of the importance of reciting the Quran correctly from the Quran and the Sunnah. And the best time to start learning this is from a young age as we know how the brain is like a sponge at that age.

The other benefit for children learning tajweed is that they will grow up knowing how to recite the Quran correctly from a young age. On the contrary, most of us are spending our adult life trying to go back to correct the mistakes we learned as children.

Why did you create Rhymes and songs to help children learn the Tajweed?

I remember my own struggle to learn the tajweed rules as an adult. One of the main reason for this is that the Arabic language isn’t my first language. And hence trying to remember all the terminologies and also the correct pronunciation of the letters were some of the main difficulties I faced. And I was noticing the same struggle for the pupil’s at Olive Tree Study. At that point I knew I had to come up with a fun way of teaching the children the rules. What children like to do the best is to sing! I thought if I can remember nursery rhymes that I learned as a child and enjoyed singing them, then surely I can come up with tajweed rhymes that the children can sing and enjoy, and at the same time memorize the tajweed rules.

Can children listen to the Tajweed songs alone? Or do they need to listen to them with their parents?

Yes the children can listen to the tajweed songs alone. Very young children as young as 2 -4 years of age may not be able to comprehend the rules in details but just by listening to them buy maxalt rpd they will memorize the terminologies and key aspects of the rules which will really benefit them later on as they are growing up.  The idea is to sing the catchy tunes so that it settles in the long term memory.

Why is your method so effective for learning the Tajweed?

Learning through singing is an extremely effective method. One of the biggest evidence is our own self. We all remember rhymes that we learn before we turned six like twinkle twinkle little star, Old McDonald and Ba Ba black sheep. So what we have done is taken complicated tajweed rules and simplified it into catchy tunes. The tajweed rules will still have to be taught by an adult to introduce the rules. And the catchy rhymes will act as a learning tool to help the child memorize and retain the rules in their memory.

How many times a day should my children listen to the songs to benefit from the lessons?

Playing them at least once a day is necessary. It doesn’t have to be something that you schedule in with the children. Make it natural by playing it in the background at home or in the car.

How many songs are in the Tajweed Nasheed?

The first album has five tracks. These are the five basic rules. We have started to work on the second album, which will be volume two to the more advance rules.

How can our children listen to the rhymes? Is it an MP3 download or portable CD?

You can purchase the rhymes by downloading it as a MP3 from CD baby website. Or you can purchase them as CD from  or local Islamic retail shop.

What age groups is the Tajweed rhymes for?

It is mainly targeting for the younger children of primary age. But to be honest the rhymes are so enjoyable and catchy, even adults will benefit and enjoy listening to them.

Check out the Amazing Tajweed Nasheeds! These catchy tunes will teach your children the Tajweed rules while singing along and having fun! Click here to listen to a sample of the songs for free!
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