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This website is designed to offer an idea of how we work and what we hope to achieve at Olive Tree Study. Of course, the written word is no substitute for the real experience and we hope that our free trial day, guided tours and face–to-face meetings with our team will give you the opportunity to see our school in action.


Most raised in Britain and trained to the ijaza level standard, our all educational staff are committed to providing your child with the kind and caring education that promotes creativity, fun and respect.


Our small students to teacher ratio ensures that your child’s education comes first and they receive the quality education they deserve.


We regularly post live classroom snippets of our pupils learning to showcase the learning that happen in our school. Our pupils and parents can login to the school system to keep an eye of the learning and progress.


We pride ourselves in the professional and transparent service that we provide and we endeavour to ensure that our service is nothing short of being the best.

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Tips to Present Ramadan To Your Childs’ Class
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