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Olive Tree Study aims to provide a sound and accurate approach to teaching the Quran by infusing traditional and modern teaching techniques. With over 18 years of industry experience, we have prefected our teaching method and created ample amount of unique and creative teaching resources.

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When your child enters our school, he/she begins to build a strong foundation in the understanding of Islam through their exposure to Quranic and Islamic Studies. Our comprehensive teaching approach ensures your child is equipped with an all-rounded Islamic education that can support their navigation through life. 

At Olive Tree, we focus on four subjects spread throughout the school day. In between each lesson, we have a short break and at lunchtime, a slightly longer break to take time for a light lunch and duhur salah. 

Our classes are allocated by age, and within classes, students are assessed and further grouped by ability. Each class has an appropriate pace for the students’ age range, but is individualised enough to allow students to progress at their own speeds. We monitor students’ progress on a weekly basis and each week, students are provided with feedback on their performance that week via their ‘Homework Diary’ for Parents to have sight of. Our carefully constructed curriculum ensures each child receives the individualised help and support they need to ensure they achieve their full potential.



Level 1: Foundation: Surah Al-Fatiha to Surah Al-Feel.
Level 2: Intermediate: Surah Al-Humazaa to Al-Ghasiyah.
Level 3: Higher: Surah Al-A’la to Surah Naba.
Level 4: Advanced: Surah Mulk, Surah Ya-Seen, Surah Ar-Rahman and Surah Waaqiah


Level 1: Foundation - Qaidah: Alphabet, vowels, connecting letters, Makhraj,  words and short sentences.

Level 2: Intermediate - Juzz Amma: Reading long sentences, picking up an average speed, developing an understanding of the etiquettes of recitation of the Quran and basic Tajweed rules.

Level 3: Higher - Fluent Quran Reading: Coverage of intermediate Tajweed Rules i.e. Madd Far’ee Part 1, Nun sakin and tanween rules, meem sakin rules, basic characterisation of letters and the rules of starting and stopping during recitation. 

Level 4: Advanced - Fluent Quran Reading: Reading with fluency, coverage of advanced Tajweed rules, completion of Madd Far’ee Part 2, rules of the letter Raa, rules of the letter Laam and detailed characteristics of letters.
Islamic Studies


In this subject, students spend the entirety of their time developing their knowledge in different areas of Islamic studies. Students from the age of five and above, study from Islamic educational books covering a substantial range of Islamic topics including Aqidah, Fiqh and Akhlaaq. Our teaching resources have been carefully selected by our Teaching and Learning Coordinators and are highly effective in their strengths of tailoring complex topics to different age ranges. Our resources are colourful, high quality and packed with creativity which really instils the enthusiasm of learning about Islam.  Children who are in the ‘Early Learning Foundation’ (under 5’s) primarily learn through constructive play where the use of nasheeds, storytelling, role play and hands-on activities are prominent.
Curricular Subjects Covered Details
Islam Shahada, Salah, Sawm, Zakat, Hajj and Seerah This area covers details relating to the matter of jurisprudence (Fiqh) along with bonus topics in life stories of all the Prophets (PBUT).
Iman Tawheed, Angels. Holy books, Messengers, Hereafter, Qadar and Day of Judgement This section covers the fundamentals of Aqeedah and encourages students to continuously ponder, reflect and reason.
Ihsaan Akhlaaq, Aadaab, Tarbeeya, Sincerity and Self-discipline This area aims to build upon the true Islamic identity that supports our students in striving for beauty and perfection in their prayer, daily actions, interactions with humanity and the environment.
 Quranic Arabic


In this subject, we hone in on the meanings and lessons of the quran for each of the surahs so that when our students are learning and memorising them, they are also understanding the great meanings behind them. This builds their love for the knowledge they intake even further. For students in our Lower School, we also focus our lessons on understanding the weight and meaning behind each of Allah swt’s 99 names.
Curricular Subjects Covered
Reading, writing, speaking and listening The course is designed to build a sound foundation for children to progress onto intermediate level in Arabic language. Basic level includes alphabets vocabulary bank, grouping words and common phrases Intermediate level also includes constructing sentences, basic grammar, practicing conversations and comprehension exercises.
On-going Assessments


Students are assessed informally and formally throughout the year. Monitoring and assessments at Olive Tree encompass the following forms:
  • Continual Teacher Assessment (Formative and Summative);
  • RProgress Logs/Commentary kept via the ‘Homework Diary’ on a weekly basis
  • End of Term Tests x3
  • Ad-Hoc Competitions
Your child’s Homework Diary will be an integral part of our Teacher/Parent communication and is the dedicated gateway for an insight into your child’s learning every week. Beyond the Homework Diary, Parents are also formally informed of their child’s progress twice a year via their ‘Student Report’. The report details overall progress, targets, effort, homework and behaviour. We also host ‘Parents Meetings’ once throughout the school year to further give parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s learning at a dedicated time and place.

Why Choose us

Our comprehensive learning curriculum that covers four key subjects, delivers children the knowledge they need to access the Quran and sacred knowledge in its true meaning.

Classroom Size

Our small students to teacher ratio ensures that your child’s education comes first and they receive the quality education they deserve.

Educational Standards

Raised in Britain, our predominantly-female staff are committed to providing your child with the kind, caring and loving education they need to cultivate their creativity and love for Islam.

Live Update

For our Parents, we regularly post snippets of our classrooms live in action to showcase the learning that happens at our school

Satisfied Parents

Parents are satisfied with our services and teachers when they choose us.

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