Tahera Akther


Over ten years ago, as a first time mum, I was on a mission to find a weekend Islamic school for my 3 year old daughter that met my requirements and expectation. This struggle to find my ideal weekend school for my daughter, left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. However, I didn’t give up as I knew how important a safe and fun learning environment was for my daughter. With the help of some of my close friends and family, I made it my mission to start my own school.I studied the subject of Arabic language and Tajweed in depth, followed by attaining my Mastery (Ijazah) in Tajweed from Syria. I then started teaching at home with ten pupils wrapped around my dining table. Now, many years on, by the grace of Allah, we have nearly 700 pupils across mutiple branches with a remarkable team of 70+ staff members.We place strong importance on the need to providing positive role models for our pupils – learning Arabic language, Islam & Citizenship with British values within a moderate, healthy, positive and non-extremist culture – free of political or ideological bias, transcending across cultural and ethnic divides. Our mission at Olive Tree Study is to nurture the hearts of our pupils with the love for Allah, the Quran and His beloved Prophet (SAW).Welcome to Olive Tree Study– Mrs T Akther