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Bringing Barakah Into Your Wealth And Life

Allah is the one who brings wealth and blessings to us. Our good actions are only the means we can take to help bring barakah into our lives. When we take actions in our lives it should not be to gain barakah, but to please Allah. Allah can then bring blessings to us. Our actions do not automatically bring barakah to us as if by some sort of formula or magic!

Barakah has three parts to its meaning

  • Increase or growth. Something with Barakah increases or grows
  • When something comes continuously
  • A constant stability

There are steps that you can take to increase the Barakah in your life

  • A fear of Allah is important in every area of our lives. It is an ongoing action throughout our lives.“Whoever fears Allah, He brings forth a way out for him; and provides him from where he does not even imagine” (Quran 65:1-2)
  • Learning, understanding and reciting of the Quran. The Quran is the words of Allah. It is the study guide for life, death, and life after death. Reading or reciting the Quran is a form of worship of Allah that brings us closer to him.

“This is a blessed Book We have revealed to you” (Quran 38:29)

  • Sincerity in your actions. Your actions should be to please Allah rather than a mechanical process you take to secure his blessing. When we sincerely attempt to assist generic maxalt online others as an act to please Allah, he is able to transform our action into something much greater!
  • Repentance restores your barakah while your sin erodes

“Pray to your Lord for your forgiveness. Indeed, He is All-forgiving; He will cause the heavens to rain upon you in abundance, and will help you with riches and sons, and will cause gardens to grow for you, and cause rivers to flow for you (Quran 71:10-12).

  • Salah is your daily connection with Allah, the daily food for your soul.

“Enjoin prayer on thy people, and be constant therein. We ask thee not to provide sustenance: We provide it for thee. But the (fruit of) the Hereafter is for righteousness”. (Quran 20:132)

  • Marriage is not meant just for this life but for the next in paradise as well. Barakah is necessary for a successful, happy and fruitful marriage. This is worthy of supplication to Allah.

When we encounter difficulties it is not necessarily because we have failed before Allah in some way. When we ask him for his blessing, we need to trust in him for this blessing.

Barakah is a divine good that flows from god. There are endless ways to increase the barakah in your life because there are are endless ways to please Allah. Barakah results from a life devoted to Allah and sincerely obeying his instruction.

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