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Olive Tree Study is one of the fastest growing weekend Islamic
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At Olive Tree Study Support we place strong importance on the need to providing positive role models for our pupils – learning Arabic language, Islam & Citizenship with British values within a moderate, healthy, positive and non-extremist culture – free of political or ideological bias, transcending across cultural and ethnic divides.



We all want the best for our children, but how do we ensure that they not only survive but

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At Olive Tree Study, we invest in the highest quality resources and teachers to guarantee


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We have been educating and interacting with children and parents for over 10 years. We know how to help children achieve their best and thrive as young Muslims living in this ever-changing world. Navigate through our website and start benefiting from our expertise.

Learning & Fun

Learning & Fun

Learning the Islamic sciences through fun and play. Start getting tips now.

Learning & Fun

Parenting Tips

We understand that parenting
isn’t always straight forward
but we are here to help.

Learning & Fun

Personal growth

Develop your Imaan emotionally and spiritually through benefiting from our wide range of blogs.

Learning & Fun

Healthy Meals

Eat healthily is very important to our physical and spiritual wellbeing. Enjoy a wide range of quick and healthy recipes.

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