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The importance of Arabic in Islam

Arabic is the language that Allah used to give us the Quran, so is very special to the Islamic faith. But there are many more reasons why Arabic is important in Islam

When you pray and recite the Quran, you do this in Arabic, even when it is not your native language. Arabic is the common language that is a unifying force promoting unity and friendship amongst all Muslims around the world. When you hear the Quran or take part in salah in another country with a different mother tongue to your own, you will not feel excluded due to the change in language. When Arabic is used in Muslim supplication and prayer no matter where you are, a unity between all Muslims is achieved.

Each word in Arabic often has many meanings. When Arabic is translated, the multiple meanings are lost. The message within the translation may be there, but the finer points will be lost. A translation of the Quran is only an interpretation of the meaning of the Quran. A translation is the Quran through the understanding of an interpreter. It can bring you near to understanding what Allah is saying but does not offer the full clarity and detail that Arabic does.

Some translations add the translators commentary into the text. This commentary can then falsely appear as if it is part of the words of Allah. When you are relying on a translation of the Quran, it is helpful to research the different translations available. Try to find the translation which is closest to the Arabic original.

It is good to remember that when you put in the effort and struggle to read and recite the Quran, Allah rewards you. The blessings of the Quran do not come through reciting it like a parrot without understanding it (Quran 62:5)

You receive blessings from the Quran when you are able to understand its message and apply this message to your life. Even learning the basics of Arabic will help you to understand the Quran in greater depth. Prayers are more blessed when you have made the effort to understand the Arabic that you are praying.

A student of Islam who does not speak Arabic will need to spend a great deal of time and energy to learn the Arabic language.The vast majority of Muslims do not understand Arabic. Increasingly Muslims are taking Arabic classes at their masjid, online and elsewhere. They are being blessed with increased understanding when they read the Quran and other Arabic sacred texts.

However if you wait to read the Quran until you have a good understanding of Arabic, you will be wasting time that you could have spent beginning to understand it! You can gain valuable understanding when you read a translation of the Quran. As you become more proficient in Arabic you will be able to add to your understanding as you are able to read straight from the original text.

The Quran is the words of Allah, this is what makes it miraculous. As Allah chose to speak to us in Arabic it will forever be the sacred language of Islam!

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